Jason Wynn

Technical Architect, Computacenter
  • Expertise:Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Intelligent Communications; Microsoft 365

Microsoft is hard-wired into Jason’s DNA - Jason Wynn is a Technical Architect at Computacenter in the United Kingdom. He is an Office Apps & Services MVP with nearly two decades of experience with Microsoft Intelligent Communications including Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, and Office 365. In addition to his day job, Jason also runs Microsoft Cloud User Group in London and Birmingham, the annual Evolve Conference, a successful blog, and co-host of All About 365 Podcast. He loves sharing his knowledge with those inside the industry and covering anyone who hasn’t already seen the light.

THR3239 - Teamwork makes the dream work - how to succeed with Microsoft Teams

In this session, Jason Wynn will explain how he drives adoption and utilization of Microsoft Teams in order to meet customer needs. He will demystify the journey from Skype for Business to Teams, exploring the optimal path to Teams as well as showcasing the tools and support available to help create your organization’s change management strategy for Teams.


THR3240 - Understanding Yammer, Microsoft Teams, and Kaizala

In this session, Jason Wynn will explain how he uses Yammer, Microsoft Teams and Kaizala in order to meet customer needs. He will demystify the what tool to use to gain access to your experts in Yammer, intelligently collaborate with your peers in Microsoft Teams, and socialize with your groups with Kaizala. Attendees will understand what tool to use and when and why.


BRK2486 - How to get your organization using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is part of a larger strategy for transforming your business culture and empowering your users. This session focuses on how to successfully drive change within your organization with Teams. We will share our recommended adoption framework, best practices to implement champion and change management programs, and how to tie your change to valuable business outcomes. Join us to learn how to implement an effective user readiness and adoption strategy.